17 May 2012

Wood floors: Protecting your investment

Wood Floors Online understands that a quality wooden floor in the home is not just a decoration, it is an investment. Hardwood floors made from Oak or Walnut or Teak for example, are sought after features in the property market as they can add substantial value to a property.

Having a wood floor in the home comes with the added responsibility of maintaining it. And that starts from the very beginning. Fastening a wood floor with the right adhesive in the right way is the key to achieving a great end result.

For parquet floors we recommend Bona’s R850T Adhesive. This versatile adhesive can be used on many different types of substrate, including non-absorbent ones. It can be used on the following substrates: concrete floors, plywood and chipboard, cementitious screeds, anhydrite screeds, leveling compounds (at least 2mm thick), mastic asphalt which has been primed with Bona R410 and non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic tiles or metals.

A key part of maintaining your wooden floor is protect it. If for example your business has just refitted the office reception with oak wood floors, it is reasonable to say that there might be quite a lot of foot traffic, ideal for products like Bona’s Traffic anti-slip.

Combining anti-slip products with others that add durability is also recommended. For areas that will receive a lot of heavy wear such as commercial spaces, we recommend the Bona’s Mega coating product. For the home Bona’s Novia or Resident products would be ideal.

Moisture is a wood floors biggest enemy and something we recommend you take measures to protect against. If left unchecked moisture and dampness can wreck havoc on wood floor. Even the strongest Oak will succumb to moisture. Products like Bona’s R580 and R4100 are designed to protect against the damaging effects of moisture.

To maximise the lifespan of your wood floors also requires regular cleaning with the right product. This means you need to find out if your wood floor has been finished or oiled. This will then determine that right wood floor cleaning product for you.

So, to protect your investment in wood floors requires forward planning from the beginning. How its installed, treated and maintained will ultimately determine the lifespan of your wood floors so look after them carefully!

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