17 May 2012

An Introduction To Wide Plank Flooring

Choosing which flooring you would like in your house can be a difficult decision.
“Would the kids prefer carpet? Would I prefer tiles? What would perfectly suit our decor?”

Wood is the perfect way to give your flooring a fresh and new style. Wide plank wooden floors come in a wide range of different styles, finishes and species. This determinates their firmness, durability and colour. Cherry, oak, mahogany, beech, walnut or ash woods are known for their durability and toughness. Moreover, every species has a unique finish. You might want to select your wooden floor based on the durability if you have lots of little children or pets, whilst you may prefer to select it based on the colour or grain of the wood.

Oak is a very strong, heavy and durable wood. It has a nice finish and an open grain.  Mahogany is also a very strong and durable wood and easy to work with. Cherry is a beautiful wood with a fairly close grain and a rich, deep colour.  Beech is hardwearing and tough but can be demanding and difficult to install.  Ash has a light colour and is great for bringing brightness into an otherwise dark room.  Walnut is famous for its smooth texture that also resists shrinking and warping.  It is a strong wood and perfect for families.

Here are some examples of wide plank wood floors

- 21 mm depth 

- 2.2 m lenght

The rustic grade allows for a natural variation of colour and grain.

Nature Grade American Black Walnut, Lacquered 

- 190 mm width 
- 21 mm depth 
- 1.83 m lenght

Beautiful, warm walnut wide board flooring that can be used with under floor heating providing the correct installation process is followed.

Oak Double Smoke Lacquered Nature

- 180 mm width

- 20 mm depth

- 1.80 m length

This can be laid directly onto joists.

Most people are looking for high-quality durable floors but you might also want to include environmentally friendly floors.

Wide plank flooring has many advantages. It is suitable for tighter budgets, easier to care for and easier to install. Installing a wide plank floor couldn’t be easier and can easily be installed by yourself. If you’re installing your wide plank floor yourself we have written some tips for you at below.

First of all, you’ll need to measure your floor correctly to find out the total area to cover. You should buy 20% more than you require to be extra careful and for any mistakes or accidents.

Furthermore, you’ll have to equip yourself with tools to prepare your flooring such as a table saw for cutting planks down to size. You’ll also need a hammer, right square, ruler, pencils, shims and an individual saw to help you fit the floor around cabinets, corners or a doorway.

When you’ve bought your wooden flooring, you’ll need to remove your furniture and take up your old floor. It’s best to use different lengths of wood to begin your installation. This will give a more natural finish and look. Also be sure to put shims between planks and your wall to allow for natural expansion.

After all your planks have been laid, you’ll need to trim the final planks to the correct width. Be careful not to damage the floor with your tools as well – although with the extra 20% you should be covered!

Wide board wooden floors can completely transform your room and the look and feel of a space. This kind of flooring looks elegant and can add warmth and character to any room.  

If you need further information about wide plank wood flooring, please contact us.

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