25 May 2012

A guide to wood floor cleaning products

Whether you buy a real wood floor or engineered wood floor, cleaning it regularly is vitally important if you want your investment to last. With so many wood floor cleaning products on the market it can making choosing the correct cleaning product quite daunting.

One of the best manufacturers of wood floor cleaning products in the world is Bona. Having been in business since 1919 their understanding of wood floors is unsurpassed and the products they develop to treat, clean and maintain them are outstanding.

At Wood Floors Online we recommend the following Bona products for cleaning your wood floor:-

Bona Cleaner 
This product is a concentrated pH neutral detergent especially designed to be used on sealed wooden floors. The new formula is a powerful, low-foaming sealed wooden floor cleaner. It is best used with an auto-scrubber but is equally effective with conventional cleaning methods.

This is a convenient, ready to use, pH neutral, spray-on wood Floor cleaner that is also suitable for laminate flooring, waxed and oiled floors. The special ‘non-smear’ formulation leaves no build-up of sticky residue whilst effectively cleaning the toughest of dirt and grime.

Bona Soap 
This cleaning product is slightly alkaline based, specifically designed for oiled wood floors. It includes additives designed to nourish the surface and replace the material removed during the cleaning process. It is suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Bona Remover 
This product is specifically designed for removing heel and scuff marks. It is a concentrated polish stripper designed to remove Bona Polish. Bona Remover can also be used to treat floors which have become slippery and for the removal of black heel marks. Floors which have been previously treated with polish must be sanded back to bare timber prior to over-coating. Bona remover will also remove applications of Bona Freshen Up prior to over-coating the surface with further coats of lacquer.

Goo Gone 
Goo Gone is a combination of citrus power and scientific technology designed to eliminate the very toughest problems. It has minimal impact on our environment and is safe to use on nearly any surface. It is excellent for removing any gooey, gummy, greasy, sticky cleaning problems. Although not made by Bona it is still a great product.

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