29 February 2012

What Wood Floor Adhesive to Buy?

If you are installing your own wood floor then one of the products that you will need to think of are wood floor adhesives.

Wood flooring adhesives and wood flooring glues are an integral part of installing a wooden floor. Ensuring that your wood floor is properly adhered to your floor is vitally important to the longevity of your new floor.

There are several types of wood flooring adhesives available on the market. The following brands are amongst the most popular:


Bona Flooring Adhesives

Bona flooring adhesives offer fantastic level of quality and durability. Being an elastic, single-component, and silane based floor adhesive, it is perfect for installing timber floors and also suitable for heated flooring.

Bona flooring adhesive can also be used for many types of substrate, including many different timbers, concrete floors, plywood, mastic asphalt and non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic tiles or metal.


Rewmar Flooring Adhesives

Rewmar flooring adhesives are market leaders for professional quality wood flooring adhesive. They provide a cost effective and flexible adhesive for your wood floor installation.

Rewmar flooring adhesives are polymer based and are solvent and water free. Rewmar flooring adhesive is great for installing many kinds of parquet and wooden floors.


Unika Flooring Adhesives

Flooring adhesives from Unika come in a wide range of formations to suit many different products. The Unika PVA D3 adhesive has been specially formulated for tongue and groove flooring. This Unika flooring adhesive is waterproof once dry and dries clear. Available in a 500g bottle, it is very easy to apply and helps make your floor easy to install.


Uzin Flooring Adhesives

Uzin produce industry leading wood floor adhesives with a wide range of applications. Suitable for a wide range of substrates and wood floors, Uzin wood floor adhesives provide exceptional quality and durability.

The Uzin MK 37 adhesive has a low viscosity and is therefore very easy to inject; Uzin MK 37 adhesive is great for spot bonding of floating floor materials.

The Uzin MK 73 adhesive is perfect for stab wood flooring and mosaic. With hard-plastic flexibility, this synthetic resin adhesive is a fantastic choice for stab wood flooring.

There is great choice of wood flooring adhesives available. To read more about the ranges we stock, please visit our website www.woodfloors-online.co.uk. You can also email us at info@woodfloors-online.co.uk or call us on 020 8341 9222.

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