19 January 2012

Hardwood Flooring Finishes – Painting Floors to Traditional Finishes

When it comes to polishing or finishing your hardwood floor, you have to find the right solution. There are many different styles, colours and looks for many different interiors. If your wood floors need protection you can use traditional hardwood flooring finishes

Traditional Hardwood Flooring Finishes

There are many different kinds of hardwood flooring finishes available. Solvent based Polyurethane, Water based Polyurethane or Tung/Modified Oil are some of the most common.

  • Solvent based polyurethane - is a polish that forms a plastic-like skin on the timber surface. This brings out the richness of darker timber flooring and for being extremely hard wearing is excellent for high traffic areas.

  • A water based polyurethane - is water based, non-toxic, and the most environmentally friendly finish.  It also leaves a plastic–like film on the surface to protect your wood.

  • Tung/modified oil polish - is the only one that will allow your flooring to expand and contract, without affecting the polish. This one is less durable than the others.

Although relatively uncommon, painting a wood floor can also be an option for your home.  If you are looking for a different feel, painted wood floors can be the answer and you can choose from different decorative patterns.  But painting a floor can be a difficult decision.  It’s also a risk as it can be a costly enhancement.  That dramatically changes how a room looks.

Painted wood flooring finishes

Painted wood floors instead of hardwood flooring finishes have even longer history than the traditional finishes, stains, varnishes or urethane.  They were created in colonial New England in America in the 18th century.  At that time, the purpose of painting your wood floors was to help seal the porous wood and provide an artistic aesthetic to the floors.  This allowed home owners to decorate their floor the way they wanted, from a simple coat of paint to a fantastic design mimicking a beautiful rug or an inlaid parquet floor.

For traditional hardwood flooring finishes, Blanchon hard wax oil is great solution if you are looking to stain, finish and protect your wood floor with just one product.  Created with vegetable oils and natural waxes,  it provides a fantastic natural finish.

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