29 November 2011

Wood floors: Is laminate up to scratch

Wood floors are an extremely popular addition for households around the country. There is a wide range of styles and materials, all of which have their own attributes which can suit the needs of just about any home.

For many though the biggest obstacle to having wood floors in the home is the cost. There are of course some woods which are more affordable than others because they are more readily available, such as Oak or Ash. On the other hand there are some wood floors which are very expense because much less of it is produced such as Walnut and Wenge.

However the same hardwood flooring London effect can be achieved at a significantly lower cost by using laminate wood flooring. The laminate wood flooring you see today has constantly been improved over many years, to the point where they actually perform better and last longer than natural hardwood floors.

Wood and water don't mix

Water or moisture is the biggest threat to hardwoods in the home. However laminate wood floor manufacturers have gone to significant lengths to make their product extremely water resistant. Natural hardwood floors are however more susceptible to damage from moisture, which usually results in the wood floor expanding and contracting.

Wood floors also have to stand up to objects being dropped on them. Much like water and moisture, the laminate wood floor performs better. This is because laminate wood flooring has an aluminium oxide surface coating which gives it incredible strength.

An even bigger problem for wood floor owners is scratches. As a result, moving furniture on hardwood floors comes with considerable risk. The addition of floor guards on the bottom of pieces of furniture does help eliminate the risk but other scratches may occur from people wearing shoes which might carry grit and stones which then create scratches. Laminate wood floors are not immune from scratches however they are not as susceptible as natural hardwood floors.

Another risk to natural hard wood floors is stains because they are porous and therefore absorb moisture. If you react quickly to a spill on a natural hardwood floor then much of the damage can be removed however with laminate wood flooring there is less of a risk because of the protection incorporated into the material.   

In conclusion, it can be said that laminate wood floors offer greater protection but natural hardwood floors offer a style and warmth that is hard to replicate. Laminate wood floors today offer excellent protection and  looks fantastic, so if you are considering a new wood floor on a budget look no further than the latest laminate wood floors.


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