14 December 2010

The benefits of Hardwood Flooring for Allergies

The medical dictionary defines hypoallergenic as ‘having little likelihood of causing an allergic response\' and many actions can reduce the triggers of asthma and other allergies. First it is necessary to identify the triggers, if they are considered to be allergens such as pollen, dust mites or pet hair then changing your floors to a polished hardwood floor can help alleviate asthma causes.   Dr Rob Danoff who writes for MSN health and fitness explains 'Dust mites feed on shed flakes of human skin. They can be found on pillows, bedding, mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, carpet and even Fluffy, your child\'s soft toy. We actually breathe in the mite\'s fecal matter and decaying body parts. Certainly gross to think about, but for those with asthma who are sensitive to these allergens, dust mites can cause genuine trouble' What is the Doctor\'s solution to this sickening image of dust mites? 'Remove carpets and install polished flooring.'

Another source that looks into the cause more impersonally is the parliamentary paper on ‘Indoor Allergens and Asthma\' (2000). It cites that the doubling of cases of asthma in the UK could be due to indoor allergens. It highlights that an effective measure to remove mite habitats such as soft furnishings, is to change to something impenetrable such as wood flooring, which is action Asthma UK, the registered charity, also supports.

 If you or your family members do suffer from asthma then, as all trusted evidence suggests, perhaps a wood floor is the way to go. Other than being a reliever of asthmatic symptoms, wood floors are also considered aesthetically nicer then carpets and will often increase the value of a home. They are also easier to clean, again helping with the allergies and are also more durable. If looked after properly the benefits of installing a wood floor are numerous, as a May 2010 Mintel report on ‘Carpets and Floor coverings\' states that the added insulation helps with sound proofing and energy saving which in turn lowers your household bills.

Using the correct underlay in combination with your wood floor will help to securely insulate your home from sound, cold, moisture and will eliminate the issues often cited with wood floors, namely that they are cold, noisy and difficult to look after. Relieves allergies and lowers your bills, what more do you need from your wood floor!
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/interior-design-articles/the-benefits-of-hardwood-flooring-for-allergies-3837114.html

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