22 July 2010

Phil Spencer reveals how a hardwood floor can add value to your home

Phil Spencer from the hit TV show Location Location offers some pearls of wisdom to Telegraph readers on how a hardwood floor can add value to your home. 
In a recent online article Phil offers some tips on how improving your home can add value in the long run and in a market in which people are moving less, this might be a good thing.

Solid, hard-wearing wooden floors appeal to Phil who thinks they can be applied to many rooms, particularly family homes. The main living area of the house will benefit from a durable wood floor as Phil explains "This has to be a lot more relaxing than hovering with a damp cloth and bottle of carpet-stain remover.” Also in terms of return for your money Phil reasons that "wooden flooring is one of those features that appeals to just about everyone when it comes time to sell as well."

However before you think about spending money on a new floor, Phil suggests you take up a bit of the existing carpet and check what is underneath. You might be lucky enough to discover decent wood hidden below which can be kept and improved.

See our next post on how to treat a discovered floor!

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