22 July 2010

How to clean up an old floor.

Following on from Phil Spencer's advice in our previous post, here's a short guide on how to go about cleaning up a discovered floor.

Depending on what state the timber is in it might just need a polish. In which case a few coats of Carl's wood floor polish using Carl's 407mm oil pad will bring out the woods warmth and natural colour.

However if the floor is water damaged, like this parquet

and this water damaged hardwood maple floor
then the best course of action is to first sand the floor using a Bona belt floor sanding machine (which can be hired with a refundable deposit or bought from woodfloors-online) and to combine it with an edger machine, such as the Bona edger standard arm. You will then need to buffer the floor using the Bona buffer duo.

To produce a pleasing end result you can lacquer or stain the floor. To lacquer the floor you should first apply a primer. There are several reasons for applying a primer to the floor, Richard one of Woodfloors-onlines' flooring specialists explains that a floor absorbs the primer which in turn helps the lacquer adhere to the floor. Not only is primer cheaper then lacquer it will also make the lacquer go further and comes recommended as a practice by the manufacturer. We stock both Bona and Uzin primers.

You can then apply a mat, silk or gloss lacquer from the Bona lacquer range to finish the floor, though it will require one last go on the buffer to smooth out any bubbles on the floor.

If you would prefer to stain the floor then a wood ageing agent will give a nice natural hue to the floor, such as from the Blanchon range.

All products mentioned are available on woodfloors-online.com

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