27 April 2010

Woodfloors Heating Underlay

The Heatflow range of underlays manufactured for interfloor are specifically designed for use with normally operating underfloor heating systems and will not be adversely affected when used at elevated temperatures over prolonged periods of time i.e. they will not produce odours or degrade. We define normally operating underfloor heating systems as those which produce floor surface temperatures of not more than 29 degree C for central areas and 35 degree C for peripheral areas.

The thermal resistance characteristics of wood laminate flooring and underlays need to be taken into consideration when they are to be fitted on top of underfloor heating systems.
Duralay Heatflow Underlay, have lower tog ratings which allow the warmth generated by the underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room. Making them the ideal choice for installations with underfloor heating and wooden floors. Manufactured from high density rubber, it is ideal for domestic and contract installations.

Made from recycled rubber crumb, suitable for domestic and contract use. Provides an excellent sub-floor masking, for minor surface level imperfections. Simple, quick and easy to install.

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