10 March 2010

A new Rewmar adhesive available

Rewmar MS Polymer Hardwood Floor Adhesive system was developed in response to the demand for a professional, cost effective, high-standard flexible wood flooring adhesive that is also environmentally friendly.

It is suitable for all species of wood and for all solid substrates.

The new and improved formula is packaged in two 6kg foil pouches, in a cardboard box for easy disposal, also ensuring a longer product lifespan.
The 12kg product will cover approximately 1m² per kg of adhesive.

The new improved formula now available from woodfloors-online is the flexible wood floor adhesive Rewmar MS Polymer 16kg Adhesive. It is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. The 16kg product will cover approximately 16m² per Kg of adhesive

NOTE: Must be applied using 6mm V notch trowel.

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